Mobile MRI scanners can scan just about any body part, but they are best for checking for brain injuries and traumas. While the majority of these machines travel on board ambulances, they can be used in lots of other ways. The following scenarios show how you might use a mobile MRI scanner and why renting one would be better than buying it.

After a Bombing

Bombings are no longer incidents of war. They do not happen in places far away, as bombing incidents in the U.S. have shown in the last twenty years. When a bombing occurs, there are people in need of immediate care. A portable MRI can quickly discover and sort out victims with more severe injuries versus those with injuries that can wait. A sort of triage can be set up with the medical tent and MRI for everyone that comes out of the rubble alive and does not appear to have an major open wounds. The MRI scanner could detect life-threatening internal injuries much faster, and help ambulances load up those that need to go to a hospital immediately.

In Army Hospitals on Bases

Army hospitals do not always have every piece of equipment that they could really use. An MRI scanner would be very valuable, considering the potential for injuries during training, falls from obstacle course walls, bullet wounds accidentally received while practice shooting, etc.. If the base hospital cannot afford an MRI in the traditional sense, they could rent a portable one as these events come up and soldiers need treatment. Additionally, soldiers fighting in a war who need medical treatment could benefit immensely from a portable MRI at the medical station where the soldiers are taken for more severe injuries and treatment.

During a Major Outbreak

Outbreaks of disease are not as common as they once were. However, when an outbreak does occur, and the disease affects the human brain, it is important to get an MRI scan to determine how far along in the disease the patients are. Then the ones that are at the beginning stages can be separated and treated with anything that could help delay the progress of the disease while those that are too far along would be made comfortable until they pass. Renting a portable MRI scanner in this instance removes all risk of infecting healthy individuals in a hospital, and the contaminated scanner can be dealt with once its use and need are complete. 

For more information, talk to companies who offer mobile MRI scanner rentals.