It is exciting to know that your child is able to benefit from the new technology available today that increases the effectiveness of hearing devices. While you are eager for your child to begin experiencing the benefits of being able to hear better such as increasing their language skills, it is important to remember that your child needs some time to adjust to wearing and using their new devices. For most children, learning to use their hearing aids is a slow process that you can assist with by using these strategies:

Practice In Quieter Environments

If your child has gone for a long time without being able to hear properly, then suddenly being able to hear so many sounds is overwhelming. It is also important to note that hearing devices can amplify certain sounds differently than natural hearing. Try to introduce your child to their new hearing devices in quiet places such as your home or a library so that they can gradually get used to hearing louder sounds.

Build Up to Wearing Them All Day

Ideally, your child should wear their hearing devices as much as possible, but it is also important to recognize when they may need a break. Establish certain times of the day when wearing their hearing aids is mandatory such as when they are at school. Then, create small breaks when they can rest their mind and ears for a bit. Right after they arrive home from school is a good time for this, especially if your child seems overwhelmed or frustrated at the end of their school day.

Encourage Your Child to Take Ownership

Very young children will naturally need your help with the majority of their new routine for maintaining their devices. However, even a child as young as the age of four can help pick a color for their devices so that they feel a sense of ownership. As your child matures, you can also teach them how to clean the device and store them properly.

Make Sure Everything Works Correctly

Even the most technologically advanced hearing devices need occasional maintenance. Work with your child's audiologist to learn how to do things such as change the batteries or recognize when it may not be working properly. Sometimes, hearing devices need adjustments as your child begins to get used to hearing, and making sure this is done helps them feel more comfortable.

Being able to hear correctly is important for your child's development and safety, yet they may need a little encouragement to get used to such a big change. By working with your child, you can ease the process for them as they adjust to their new hearing aids.

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