Starting out in any business or profession can be tough, and it doesn't matter if you are a lawyer, accountant or a dentist, when you are ready to set up your own office, there will be plenty to consider. Finishing school and finally getting the license to practice your trade can be exciting but if you are a new dentist, you are going to have to stock and set up that new office if you choose to start your own practice.

Finding The Space

If you are going to strike out on your own after dental school, you are going to need to find a space to work out of. Sure, any space could become a dental office pretty easily but you have to consider the zoning of the property. In some cities, a business space may not be defined as clearly as it could so check with the municipality about what, if anything, is different in the rules and zoning. Can you setup your dental office in any strip mall or commercial building or do you need an area zoned for medical offices? Putting the time and money into a space only to find is doesn't meet the zoning would be very frustrating.

Equipment Needed

Like with any business, a dental office needs some basic equipment to operate. Things like chairs, x-ray machines, and storage areas for equipment and supplies are important. In some cases, you may need to buy some pretty expensive items for your office. Consider leasing as an option if you can or start with a small one to two chair office just to get started then expand when the clientele grows.

Sourcing Supplies

Where will you find the dental supplies you need to operate your dental office? There are wholesalers for all the tools and supplies that you need but you will need to do some research to find one close to you that can deliver the things you need at a price you can afford. Talk to the supplier about what your needs are and the delivery times of the supplies so you have a clear picture of when to order and what the expected time for shipping might be. Having a great wholesaler is not going to help you if they are so far away that you can't get things you need in a timely manner.

Finding Clients

Now that the office is setup, you need some clients to get started. The best way to find clients is through recommendations from other dentists, advertising, and marketing your services. If you can make some contacts with other local dentists, you may be able to get them to share some of the clients that they can't take on or that need work outside their specialty. Get to know your colleagues and maybe you can get some referrals through them, Beyond that, marketing your business through mailers, advertisements, and a website are probably you best options to get started. If you are not sure how to get the ball rolling, hiring a firm to help you might be the best investment you can make to get started and become successful in your chosen career.